Blumbergs motion/drawing picture studio presents The Scrollable Drawings.

Scrolled drawings in an interactive space. A space for the physical interaction of drawings and viewers. The scrolled over tables consist of two rolls of continuous drawing. The viewer with the help of the special rolling mechanisms turns over drawing from one roll to the other roll.

The Venezia Project, Italy

One could compare this book to the Odyssey as this story too has a mature, bearded man wandering between islands. Again there are sirens, again a Penelope waits at home, and just like in antiquity, again a lot of good wine. Ancient Greece was small, so is Latvia. And it takes a lot of courage for both the "little" Greek and the 'little" Latvian to overcome all the challenges that fate presents. The only question that remains unanswered however, is whether the "little" Latvian would spend a whole ten years travelling home...

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The Scrolling Machine

The Machine in Tartu, Estonia

The Machine in Cesis, Latvia

developed by R&O Studio