The CD 'THE DRAWINGS ARE IN THE BOX' is merely a compact disc BOX in front ofyou. With the sounds of Ilmars Blumbergs‘ drawing process [works of sound). It is a pmuliar example of 'actual music'. Between you and the drawing lurks a 'hindrance‘ — sound. You HEAR the drawing, but you DON’T SEE IT. You hear the process of the drawing coming to fruition, the artist's breath as he draws, his comments, but your eye SIGHT is closed. In order to imagine the drawing as a visual entity, you are left with no other choice than to activate your BOX more vigorously. To activate its hidden imagination, experience, knowledge, dreams etc. And everyone will see (hear) his or her own ’FIows of boundless joy' or 'Earth‘. Of course, one needs to remember that sound in itself is an overly powerful and sovereign manifestation, for it to merely serve as a 'bridge’ to a work of art created from an entirely different material. Rather this CD is an example in modern and contemporary art of the phantom of the synthesis of various art forms that is so sought after. For example, what would happen if llrnars B|umbergs' works of sound were to be transformed into modem dance? Would a drawing assume bodily form? Yes, because in its essence, a drawing is created by the artist’s dance with his material.

It is no secret that one of type of art incorporates all the others within itself. At a micro-level, drawing is also relief (sculpture). Every drawing is also theatre, literature, cinema, and photography. As Ilmars Blumbergs is fond ot saying — "Everything is one. One is everything". In art too. The CD 'THE DRAWINGS ARE IN THE BOX' merely wishes to add that this 'one' is you yourself — the only, unique CREATOR.


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